Dunkers 2

Dunkers 2

Dunkers 2

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dunkers 2 iOS / Android Gameplay

SLAM DUNKS!!! - Dunkers 2

Dunkers 2 - Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

It's time to hang with the Dunkers again and slam some dunks!

It's 1 on 1 basketball madness! steal the ball from your opponent and smash the backboard with an epic slam dunk.

Dunkers2 contains,

-Loads of characters for you to unlock and customise.
-4 different courts to play on.
-Lots of different balls and shirt designs.
-Play single player or vs a friend on the same device.
-Get a high score in Arcade Mode.
-Play against the clock in a Quick Game.
-4 different tournaments to win in Tournament Mode.
-Share your replays with the built in screen recorder.

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.1

bug fix.